I’ll be the first to admit that the second a new foundation hits the market, I’ve got that shit on pre-order asap. I’ll also be the first to admit that my skin is dry, textured and what has been described as a ‘deal-breaker’ when it comes to taking off my makeup in front of men. So trust me I know the struggle.

This is exactly why I needed to share my £5 (actually that’s a lie its £4.98) foundation routine that will fulfil your ‘no filter needed’ dreams or in my case, just helps you to look a little less shit then you did before.


First up, we have the W7 Photoshoot 16 hour budge proof foundation retailing in B&M for £2.99 The foundation has a very thin consistency, so unfortunately unlike the name states, will budge over the course of the day unless you set with powder. The foundation dries down to a dewy texture on the skin to give a hydrating glow as shown in my sloth like face in the photo below.

I sadly also let my foundation stay on my face for 16 hours to test the ’16 hour claim’. I’ll be honest I have no idea why anyone would wear makeup for 16 hours and not expect to look like shit but I have to admit my skin looked good. I set my face using my holy grail powder (keep reading to find out more about that) and I did have some creasing in my usual areas e.g. smile lines. But I think for having product on your face, with no touch ups, for a long amount of time means that imperfections have to be expected. However overall, I was very impressed with the wear I got out of this foundation.



Depending on personal choice, you can either leave your foundation looking dewy or you can drench your face in powder. My current favourite powder is by the same brand as my current favourite foundation, W7. The product is W7 Sheer Loose Powder retailing in B&M for just £1.99


The powder is grinded finely which allows you to pack on as much product as you feel you need to mattify your skin. It helps to defend your skin from any creasing and allows you to set your foundation in place so that it can be the ‘budge-proof’ foundation it claims to be.

(Just in case you weren’t to sure if I looked miserable in the first photo of me in this post please find another photo of me below looking once again miserable but with matte skin)


As a fellow makeup obsessed woman I know its so hard not to get caught up with the latest high end items and high end price tags to go with them. But there are so many drugstore dupes that look flawless on the skin and I actually prefer this foundation and powder to my other high end foundations – which is insane considering I paid £30-£50 for them each!

Overall, I think this foundation and loose powder are the perfect combination for dry or oily skin. Whilst the foundation is dewy and hydrating, the powder can be used to instantly mattify your look. These products are 100% worth trying if you guys get the chance to, I promise you or your skin wont regret it!


Until next time, Han x



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