So I know that there’s a million and one posts about how real techniques beauty sponges are the perfect drugstore dupe for beauty blender but, everyone who owns a real techniques sponge knows that’s a load of shit.

Real Techniques beauty sponges make buffing in foundation feel like your hitting a brick of your face, whilst it does an amazing job of swallowing up 3/4 of the foundation that should of been layered on your skin.

Until recently, I had no idea B&M sold makeup. My local B&M sells drugstore brands for even cheaper prices then what you can get online and my local B&M is exactly where I managed to find a £1 beauty blender dupe.


The bottom of the beauty sponge is a soft doughy texture which makes buffing in your foundation a whiplash-free experience.

Like beauty blender, it does soak up a bit of product. However I found that it only soaks up any excess product which means that it a saving grace for all my fellow cakey dry skinned bitches out there – it’s a struggle I know.

The tip of the sponge, unlike beauty blender, does have a harder texture. Although, I’ve found the perfect way to use this to your advantage is to use this to apply any setting or face powders. The hard edges allows you to push the product into your skin which ultimately will help stop any creases your foundation can cause on your skin lines.


There are hundreds of beauty sponges on the market but unfortunately, majority of them come with a high price which has in resulted in me stockpiling beauty blenders for Christmases and birthdays because… well who the fuck can really afford £17 for a sponge?

So when I came across this sponge for £1 I immediately assumed it would have the texture of sandpaper and would swallow my foundation whole but, I was pleasantly surprised. I honestly prefer this beauty sponge to OG beauty blenders. The smooth surface at the bottom of the sponge allows me to apply my foundation flawlessly and my harder edged top gives me a second usage of the sponge – powder application.

For £1 I really cant emphasis how much you guys need to try this beauty sponge because not only will it save you £16 a sponge but I think you guys will find it’ll actually help improve your foundation base, as it has mine.


Until next time, Han x



  1. Ruth Skelley (The Rolling Twenties) says:

    Love the review on the B&M sponge! I live near B&M so going to buy one! I love how your writing has humour mixed in. A really great blog! 😊🌸 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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