When I first found out about the Makeup Revolution collaboration with youtuber Sophdoesnails, I’ll be honest – I had no idea who she was.

But when I saw the press release photos of the Extra Spice eyeshadow palette I knew I needed to try it. The mix of warm and neutral tones supported with metallic glitter based shimmers made this the perfect all round palette. I knew that not only would I be able to create my basic daytime nude based smokey eyes but also some more extreme colourful looks.

The only thing that would stop this from being the perfect palette would be if there was any formulation problems and unfortunately, that’s exactly what there was.


From left to right: Everyday, Running Late, Infinity, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough and Dreams.

This top row contains 3 metallic shimmer shadows. Ranging from Everyday (a subtle baby pink shade) to Infinity (a blinding metallic silver) to Dreams (a orange toned copper shade). These three shimmers performed perfectly. Due to the formula consisting of fine glitters it allowed for a easy application to the skin, which demonstrated not only its smooth texture but, its ability for the shadows to be buildable. Infinity is by far my favourite shimmer in the palette – quick tip: for all my pale bitches out there, this is the perfect inner corner highlight.

However, if you have the gift of sight you’ll notice that the matte’s in this row did not perform remotely impressive. Whilst Running Late is a perfect orange pop of colour, Cheesecake and Cookie Dough resemble very closely to Jacyln Hill”s Vault Collection swatches A.K.A they’re shite.

Despite, Cheesecake having the potential to be the perfect red toned based brown shade in reality, to say that it didn’t live up to it’s potential is an understatement. The formula is chunky and requires a large amount of blending in order to make this shade as close to wearable as possible.

Following up from this we have, Cookie Dough. Cookie Dough unfortunately, holds the same formula to Cheesecake. However don’t despair because, pretty much every eye palette I’ve ever tried holds an identical neutral toned brown so you wont have to go far to find one that doesn’t make you look like you’ve smeared mud across your eyes like this one.


From left to right: Vitamin C, Sweet N Sour, Twenty one, Romance, Enchanted and Lakes (Seriously what the fuck inspired these names?!)

Ignoring the last 2 shades, the second row performs the best by far in this palette. The first three mattes (Vitamin C, Sweet N Sour and Twenty One) are the perfect sunset eye themed colours that seem to hold a different formula to the darker toned matte’s. These colours are buildable which in my opinion is a plus. When working with colourful bright shades it’s very hard to be able to apply the colours and still be able to maintain a even blend. Through these mattes being buildable it allows you to blend as you go whilst, slowly building up the shadows to your desired intensity.

The middle burgundy glitter based shimmer follows on from the first rows shimmer formula. The shadow is very pigmented and has a smooth texture making it easy to apply and blend. Finally, to continue the ongoing theme, the last two shades are barely worth talking about Enchanted (a burgundy based deep brown) and Lakes (a dark olive green) both have chunky formula’s and hardly any pigmentation. They apply muddy and blend out to show even less pigmentation then before.


From left to right: Brownies, Chocolate Orange, Mulled Wine, La Sun, Aurora and Reputation.

Continuing on to the last row I’m sure you guys are starting to realise a theme. The shimmer shades (La Sun and Aurora) performed perfectly and the mattes (Brownies, Chocolate Orange, Mulled Wine and Reputation) are chalky and un-pigmented.


I attempted a sunset look using my favourite shades from the palette. I used Vitamin C as my transition colour then, I blended in a mix of Running Late and Sweet N Sour into the area just above the crease. Afterwards, I used Twenty One to darken the inner and outer corner and applied Infinity into the middle of my eye to create a halo eye effect.

Overall, in regards to the palette, dark shades are tricky to formulate and usually take a lot of expensive experimentation – which is usually the reason why drugstore brands struggle to formulate them. However, I do find it a shame in this particular instance.

Sophdoesnails is a very successful youtuber and her name on a product will help bring a lot of traffic to an already successful brand. Which means a lot of sales and a lot of profit for both Makeup Revolution and Sophie.

Makeup Revolution is a very successful drugstore brand and in my opinion could have tried a lot harder to produce better formulated shadows. So despite the affordable £10 price point, I’m unable to recommend purchasing this palette.


Until next time, Han x




  1. Liz Slay says:

    I love the look you created! When looking at the swatches, I was going to say something about the “Cheesecake” swatch as it does look difficult to work with, but overall, I think the shadows on your eye look wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

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