Kylie Cosmetics launched their first range in 2016 however, I’ve only recently decided to purchase one of their liquid lipsticks  -fuck me was I wrong to do that.

(I don’t know why I do this thing where whenever a new product is released, I binge watch every single makeup review about that product…and then ignore everything about the product reviews because I think my experience will be different?)

kylie liquid lipstick

I really like the simplicity yet effectiveness of the kylie liquid lipstick packaging. I think the black drip design flowing down the bottle emphasis the liquid lipstick shade shown beneath and looks stunning. But unfortunately, this is pretty much the only positive thing I have to say in this entire review.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the kylie liquid lipstick wand applicators when they were first released, so I was definitely interested to see what it would it be like now considering the brand has been around for 2 years.


The short applicator had a hard texture and a small amount of sponge on the tip which meant that it barely picked up any product.  Visually, if I’m perfectly honest, I can’t help but think that it resembles what I imagine a tampon found at the bottom of a public swimming pool would look like. So not only is the applicator not a pretty sight but its essentially useless at its only function, applying product.

The liquid lipstick shade I purchased was Candy K. It’s a basic pinky nude shade that I did originally thought would be the perfect go-to lip colour for me but, then I actually applied it.


The worst part is, this photo doesn’t even do justice to how bad this liquid lipstick is. The colour applied patchy and had next to no pigment (it barely covered my natural lip colour).

The formula was so drying it made my lips feel like they were swollen. I have really sensitive lips so this formula might not be as bad on normal textured lips but, personally the second I took it off I had to drench my lips in lip conditioner because my lips felt physically sore. I don’t know what ingredient they put in their formula to make it so drying and uncomfortable but if you sensitive lips I can’t emphasis staying away from this formula enough.

As you can imagine, I don’t recommend this liquid lipstick collection to anyone. I purchased a pink nude based colour because usually they’re easiest for brands to formulate so I can only imagine how patchy and drying her dark toned liquid lipsticks are and its safe to say I wont be wasting my money on trying them.

So in conclusion, Kylie Jenner: billionaire, mother of the storm, wifey of whichever rapper’s demo she listened to that week – can’t make liquid lipsticks for shit.



  1. blushess says:

    Wow that applicator really does look awful. Thanks for the review! I was actually considering buying one of her lipsticks recently because they’re all such pretty colors.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica Johnson says:

    I use to love her matte liquid lips but now I’ve tried better I find them too drying😭 Her glosses and velvets though are a different ball game!!! The applicators are different too so better than that stub😂😂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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